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How amazing do you feel when you eat a clean keto diet for a day? How about 2 days? So why not 21 days? We all know December and January are food and alcohol heavy months. So join 4,000+ people who have been be part of my 21 Day Challenge and changed their lives for the better. Experience all the benefits of keto, like losing your Christmas kilos, more energy, glowing skin, clear eyes, and more focus and clarity!

Everything You Get In Your 2022 Keto Kick Start Challenge For Just $21

  • 21 Day Meal Plan (15+ Brand New Recipes!)

    Get 21 days of complete meal plans and shopping lists sorted so you don't have to worry about what you're cooking. You'll get all the recipes you need for the challenge, including 15 exclusive, brand new keto recipes you can only get in this meal plan!

  • Access The Supportive Community

    Why go at it alone when you don’t have to? Tap into the support of 1,000s of others on the same journey as you inside this private keto for life community. You can ask questions, see what others are doing, and even get support if you fall off the wagon.

  • Daily Email Accountability

    Daily support during your first 21 days is pretty important, so I’ve included a daily email with supportive guidance throughout the journey. I'll give you tips, tricks, motivation and support! Many people come back to these emails for years to come and I know you'll love them too.

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Join 4,000+ Aussies Hitting Their Goals On Keto

"I am amazed at how good I feel..."

Gail Valentin

Every recipe is outstanding -- this is a way of eating I can do long-term. AND I'm down 5lbs & I've been struggling with ongoing weight gain despite walking 4 miles per day. Many thanks Aussie Keto Queen for setting me on this healthy path!

"Finding what fits for me"

Caz Cozens

This 21 day challenge is about finding what fits for me so I can take it on as a lifestyle but I am finding the discipline of the meal plan is such a good start - thanks

"I have lost 6kgs so far"

Denise Greenlees

I want to thank Rachel for the meals and lessons in keto, I have lost 6kg so far and am continuing on. Thanks for the kick start Rachel.

"Down 1.2kg... hubby loves the food too!"

Elfi Luca

First week down lost 1.2kg & between .5-1cm. Food is awesome & has motivated me to continue. Hubby loves the food too and lost .5kg which is great considering he has still be social drinking.

"I'm going to stick with keto"

Matthew Price

Last day of my 21 day challenge today, and I feel so much better than when I started! Thanks Rachel for all your great info and putting together such a great plan. I'm going to stick with Keto as I love the changes it's making.

Is It Time To Put Yourself First?

Make 2022 your year. Kick start your keto, & hit your health goals today x

The Keto Kickstart Program is Perfect For YOU If:

  • You can't seem to start Keto

  • You re bored or stalled on Keto

  • You lack variety in your menu

  • You want to eat delicious meals (but want it to be easy, and know exactly what to buy)

  • You are tired trying to decide what is for dinner (and just want your macros & meals planned for you)

  • You need accountability and support (you get that there is power in numbers, and don't want to go it alone)

Be Inspired By Loraine's 6kg Weight Loss & Healthy Lifestyle Changes

It all started with making a commitment to herself...

After trying lots of other diets (and foul tasting shakes), Loraine saw friends losing weight on Keto and decided to do our last 'after Christmas challenge'. She signed up, made a commitment to herself to stick with it, and lost 6kgs and feels better in her clothes. Despite an under active thyroid, Loraine has lost weight, has more energy, and has people telling her she looks great.

Why You Need The Aussie Keto Queen's 21 Day Keto Challenge

  • Delicious keto meals with 15 brand new, exclusive recipes! Create easy, tasty meals to kick start your keto weight loss or health goals

  • Meal planning made easy! All of your recipes, macros & shopping lists are sorted for 21 days.

  • Daily emails to keep you on track. I’ll send you an email every single day of the challenge to make sure you are keeping on track to hit your goals.

  • All of my recipes are picky eater approved! Making it for hubby, or the kids? They’ll love these delicious meals you can make for the whole family.

  • Convenient and affordable ingredients, all easily sourced in Australia.

  • Variety of flavours and ingredients to keep you excited to stick with Keto. Discover a new love of cooking by keeping it simple and fun!

Here's How It Works

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    Once you complete your secure payment and enter your details, you'll get your info to get started straight into your inbox and be able to join 1,000s of others in our Keto For Life community.

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Eat better, enjoy stress free meal planning, and feel great about yourself.

Meet Rachel Hurd, The Aussie Keto Queen

I’ve been where you are now. I know the pain of being overweight, uncomfortable in your own skin, and how that can affect your confidence, relationships, and whole life. I’ve been running 21 Day Kick Start Challenges for 5 years now, chopping and changing it but always coming back to the fundamentals. And that’s how I’ve been able to stick with Keto for the last 5 years, lose 20kgs and maintain my goal weight. AND help over 4000 other people do the same.

Discover The Benefits Of The Keto Diet

  • Healthy Weight Loss

  • Heart Health

  • More Energy

  • Reduced Appetite

  • Anti-inflammatory


  • I can't start January 16th, can I still join the challenge?

    Absolutely! You can start whatever date you like. If you are able to join the group with the same dates you will get the most out of the experience but you certainly don’t have to. You still get the meal plan, and go through it whenever works for you!

  • Are macros and calories included in the meal plans?

    Yes! Each recipe has the macros and calories included. The meal plan is designed for those that naturally expend anywhere between 1300 and 1800 calories per day, which covers most of us with a bit of a deficit for those that are quite active or naturally use a lot of calories. There are options to add extra protein if you exercise or are very active. If your body does not need to lose weight, it won’t lose weight on Keto. There are options to add additional calories for workout days or growing family members.

  • Is there a vegetarian meal plan?

    Unfortunately the meal plan is not strictly vegetarian. I try to include vegetarian options on as many recipes as possible. The previous meal plan #5 has vegetarian options for EVERY recipe so will suit vegetarians:

  • Are the ingredients fancy or expensive?

    This will depend on what you were eating before and where you are located, but in most cases, No. If you had a relatively healthy diet previously but high carb, you’ll like have most things in your pantry already (eg. herbs and spices) If you only ate packaged, processed foods then there will be an adjustment period for the first 1 – 2 weeks while you stock your pantry. On average, I spend $80 – $100 per week on fresh produce to feed 2 using a combination of online for pantry staples and the supermarket or market for fresh produce. When I need to stock up on pantry staples like spices or nuts it will be around $120 – $140.

  • I don't have time to cook breakfast or lunch, is it suitable for me?

    I am the same! The meal plans assume that you have no, or very little, time to cook in the mornings and most lunches are based on left overs. They are meal plans I have created around my busy, full time job. Weeknight meals take from 15 – 60 minutes, but most are around 30 minutes.

  • I don't like Eggs / Avocado / Red Meat / Mondays

    I always recommend trying new things, as your tastebuds will change over time. If there’s one ingredient you don’t like, leave it out or substitute from the green list. If there’s a meal you are confident you won’t like, head over to and find another meal that takes your fancy and has around the same macros. If it’s a bit over or bit under, don’t stress!

  • Is the meal plan the same as the previous challenges?

    All of the meal plans are completely different! With each new plan I extend out the FAQ from previous learnings, add more new recipes (at least 10 new recipes per plan!) and fine tune everything.

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